Ukrainian animator participates in creation of ‘The Suicide Squad’ staying in Kharkiv

Ukrainian character animator Klym Protasov, who has already worked on such projects as Game of Thrones, Thor: Ragnarok, Alita: Battle Angel, and Mowgli, also helped create the new part of the film The Suicide Squad, which premiered on August 5.

In Protasov’s commentary to AIN.UA, in the second part of The Suicide Squad, he worked on scenes with the King of Sharks.

Remote animating of the King of Sharks from Kharkiv

The King of Sharks. Image credit: DC

During the creation of the movie, Klym Protasov, who animates all kinds of creatures, worked on scenes with the Shark King. The animator said this was the first such large project he had done remotely.

“The difficulty was that the studio was doing such a big project remotely for the first time. Therefore, there were a lot of technical issues, endless calls, and misunderstandings. But at the same time, it was fun to see a team from very different countries at home,” Protasov said.

The King of Sharks. Image credit: DC

Klym Protasov had worked on many projects before this film, including Game of Thrones, Thor: Ragnarok, Alita: Battle Angel, Mowgli, His Dark MaterialsFantastic Beasts, and the first part of The Suicide Squad.

“I’ve always been interested in movies, probably since The Lord of the Rings. When I got older, I suddenly discovered that it was possible to get into this industry. Then there was a lot of training at different studios, and eventually, large studios noticed and invited me to work,” said the animator.