Ukrainian app Obimy obtains funding at a $2M valuation

Obimy, a Ukrainian messenger for partners and family members, has raised investment funds. The total amount is not disclosed, but the valuation reached $2 million, according to startup representatives who spoke to AIN.UA.

  • The funds came from Olya Nikitova, an angel investor.
  • According to Obimy representatives, the startup’s valuation at the time of the raising of the investment was $2 million, which is almost a three-fold increase over the previous valuation.
  • The raised funds will go toward new Obimy app prototype development, marketing, and launching a trial of the app in the US and South Korea.
  • Besides, part of the raised capital will be used to prepare for round A, which the team plans to raise partly in the United States and partly in Asia.
  • In 2020, Obimy raised $25,000 of investment from the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

“We seriously revised our approach towards the new user interface. Already having a large user base, we will be determining what they value in Obimy. Also, we have a stronger team now,” comments Jenya Zasutsky, founder of Obimy.

What is Obimy

  • Obimy is an app to keep emotional connections between family members. It was launched by architect Jenya Zasutsky and the tech company Empat.
  • Using the app, users can share pleasant gestures, “touches” and tell partners about their moods.
  • Obimy uses biometric data provided by smartphones —users can see the number of steps walked by their partners, sense heart rhythm. Also, the app shows the total time spent with a partner during the day, month, and year.