Ukrainian company ELEKS opens an office in Switzerland

ELEKS has opened a new office in Zurich, Switzerland, to expand partnerships with existing and new Swiss clients. As reports, there are no details yet on plans for the relocation of Ukrainian employees to the Swiss office.

  • ELEKS has its offices in Ukraine in Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil. As of July 2021, the Ukrainian offices employed 1,775 specialists, including 1,413 tech professionals.

“ELEKS has been providing service to Swiss customers for over ten years and has been growing steadily year after year. In 2019, we created a specialized business unit that focuses specifically on this region. Despite the global crisis, we finally took a very important step by establishing a local ELEKS office in the center of Zurich,” said Olha Klok, Customer Success Director of South-West Europe at ELEKS.

According to ELEKS, the opening of the new office in Switzerland will allow the company to get closer to its clients, raise brand awareness, and enrich the corporate culture with people who have different perspectives on solving complex issues and technological challenges.

“We plan to introduce digital transformation into classic industries, such as pharmaceuticals and banking, as well as innovative and growing ones, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. In 2021, we are actively looking for partners, collaborations, and joint projects with local companies. I am excited to represent the region and manage the ELEKS business in this country,” added Olha Klok.

Currently, ELEKS has seven job openings in the Ukrainian offices. Check them out on Recruitika.