Game by a Belarusian-Ukrainian studio hits No. 2 in the US App Store two days after release

Gismart, a Belarusian-Ukrainian developer and publisher of mobile games, has released a new game, Fighting Stance. Two days after the global release, the game reached second place in the US App Store, in the category of free games (Free Games Overall), the company told AIN.UA.

Photo credit: Gismart
  • Fighting Stance is a mobile puzzle game in which you can choose the weapon you want, the battle pose, and fight a virtual opponent. With each level, the task gets harder, and new mechanics are added.
  • The game has over 500,000 daily downloads.
  • The game was developed by Flime studio in partnership with publisher Gismart. The studio has launched more than a dozen games globally in the past ten months. Six of them have garnered more than 200 million downloads in total. For example, the recent games Body Race and Pencil Rush 3D have 50 million and 40 million downloads each.
  • Now Gismart and Flime are expanding their staff in Ukraine and have over 20 job openings. About 85+ people are working in Gismart’s Kyiv office.

Gismart previously announced that it would invest in gaming studios: look for teams that already have completed projects and have producers, game designers, unity developers, and 2D/3D artists in the team. And present the concept of the game to the studio (which has shown good results on tests), and the studio will work on it.