Ukraine ranks 77th in the global Internet speed rankings. Jersey tops the list

Consulting agency has published its annual global Internet speed rankings. According to the results of the 2021 study, Ukraine took 77th place among 224 countries. In 2020, it was No. 92 on the list.

  • Based on 370,000 tests, the agency found that the average Internet speed in Ukraine is 25.26 Mbps. In 2020, Ukraine held the 92nd position with a speed of 15.09 Mbps.
  • For comparison, some neighboring countries have the following figures in 2021: Hungary — 104.07 Mbps, Poland — 63.84 Mbps, Moldova — 36.47 Mbps.
  • According to the study, among neighboring countries, Ukraine is ahead only of Belarus (19.86 Mbps); however, it is ahead of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and others.
  • The top three are Jersey (274.27 Mbps), Liechtenstein (211.26 Mbps), and Iceland (191.83 Mbps).
  • The three countries in the world with the slowest network speeds are Turkmenistan (0.5 Mbps), Yemen (0.68 Mbps), and Ethiopia (1.2 Mbps).
  • According to the study, the average global broadband speed in 2021 will grow to 29.79 Mbps. In 2020, it was 24.83 Mbps.