Kyiv landscapes appear in the Apple presentation — and not for the first time

At the presentation of new Apple products this fall, users noticed the views of Kyiv. In particular, several scenes for Fitness+ ads were filmed in the Ukrainian capital. Oleksii Taranenko, chief editor of ROZETKA, pointed this out.

As Oleksii points out, such recognizable Kyiv locations as the KPI sports complex, as well as the square in front of it, appeared in the Apple presentation.

There were also obviously Ukrainian residential skyscrapers — users recognized them by their so typical balconies and local insulation of the facades.

Screenshot credit: Oleksii Taranenko (timecode 36:25)

Some other frames in the commercial can evoke nostalgia, but it is uncertain whether they show Kyiv. In the comments to Oleksii’s post, users note that their Ukrainian friends appeared in the presentation.

If you can recognize Kyiv in any other episodes of the Apple presentation, write to us, and we will add them to the article.

This is not the first time Apple films its product commercials in the capital of Ukraine. Back in 2017, the Apple Watch presentation was filmed at the Kyiv railway station and the Golden Gate metro station. In 2019, Apple released a commercial dedicated to wireless headphones AirPods. There you can also see Kyiv. Ukrainian studio Radioaktive Film was responsible for the shooting on the Ukrainian side.