Instagram launches new Map Search feature in Australia and New Zealand

On September 14, 2021, Instagram launched a new feature, Map Search. So far, it works only in the Australian and New Zealand markets. With the help of the updated map, users can find companies, cafes, stores, and other institutions nearby, Lifehacker Australia reports.

  • As Instagram says, the new feature is “a new tool to discover and support small businesses.” It will show popular locations tagged by users. Among them are parks, restaurants, supermarkets, as well as other places mentioned on Instagram.
  • You can open Map Search by clicking the new icon in the Explore section in the upper right corner. Also, you can use the in-feature search button to look for specific hashtags, for example, #takeaway.
Image credit: Instagram
  • Currently, the new feature is running in test mode in Australia and New Zealand. According to Lifehacker Australia, Instagram plans to roll out the new feature to users in other parts of the world; however, the exact deadline is not yet known.
  • Interestingly, a similar map search feature was previously integrated by Snapchat. It works on the same principle and helps users to find popular places. Snap Inc. said that 250 million people would use Snap Map in the second quarter of 2021.