Ukrainian Adventures Lab and other funds invest $600k in Belarus-based startup Salo

The Belarusian startup Salo raised $600,000 during a pre-seed round. A lead investor was the Ukrainian VC firm Adventures Lab, as a managing partner of the fund, Andrew Kryvorchuk, reported to AIN.UA.

  • Salo (from Say Hello!) is an app for real-time recording videos of users and their interaction with any content in a smartphone and elsewhere. It is a means to record users and their smartphone screens and share it as a single video via messengers or social media. How it works:
  • The app is now in open testing and is already available on the App Store for download. Influencers participating in the test have already collected over 1,000,000 video views on Salo.
  • The round was led by Adventures Lab, with participation from Digital FutureTA Ventures, Yurii Monastyrshyn (Sr. Director of Engineering at Snap), Yuri Mazanik (co-founder at Belka Games), Vital Laptenok (CEO at Flyer One Ventures), and others.

According to Kryvorchuk, he learned about the project from Ilya Lesun, a co-founder of Vochi (it was on the list of potential investments).

“To be honest, I moved into the trash the Salo presentation after I read it because its basic concept (at that moment, it was about an asynchrony video messenger) was doubtful, in my opinion. But then I decided to meet its founders and listen to them live. And they convinced me to start our cooperation. The founders have inspired me with their customer development depth, expertise, and vision. The CEO has in his portfolio several successful and several failed projects that are, in my opinion, a very precious experience. And the CTO worked in the HQ of Rakuten Viber,” told the investor.

The raised funds will be spent on the technical improvement, marketing, and promotion of the app.