Field Complete, a startup with an office in Ukraine, raises $1.9 million

Field Complete, a startup co-founded by Ukrainians, has raised $1.9 million, as reported to AIN.UA by the startup’s team.

In Colorado, after washing a car, it is illegal to drain water into a public sewer, and laws in California prohibit doing so using a hose without a shut-off nozzle. Construction and repair works are even more strictly regulated. With dozens of home improvement laws and licenses varying from state to state, it has prompted the development of an industry of service agencies, employing hundreds of handymen to service tens of thousands of medium to large households.

Field Complete, a platform that works specifically to manage staff for such service companies, has recently attracted $1.9 million in a pre-seeding round.

Venture capital funds from Silicon Valley such as Notation, Wonder, and Champion Hill Ventures participated in the round. The company has an office in Kyiv.

About Field Complete

Field Complete-1
Field Complete’s team. Photo: Field Complete

Field Complete is an American SaaS automation solution that increases business efficiency for Field Service Management companies. FSM software allows medium- and large-sized property owners and owners of companies servicing these properties to manage field foremen.

The platform was created by expats from the city of Ismail in the Odesa region, Ukraine — Roman Rusev and Tim Tesluсk. Also, there are partners CTO Vlad Rymarev and CBDO Sergey Glushchak. The founders have a background in building businesses in the niches of real estate service (Field Service) and IT.

Tim Tesluсk, Roman Rusev. Photo: Field Complete

Initially, the software that formed the basis of the platform was written for the founders’ own needs — to take orders, distribute tasks to workers, accept payments, and communicate with B2B clients. Later it grew into an independent commercial product — many clients and external contractors wanted to have an account in the software.

“Real estate maintenance in the US is a $180 billion market, and more than 73% of service companies still do business on paper. Field Complete’s goal is to be a leader for small businesses in the United States,” says Tim Tesluсk, startup’s co-founder.

About Kyiv’s office

The funds raised will be used to scale the business — marketing, speeding up the development and improvement of the product. Now there are seven job openings in the Kyiv office: