Ukrainians launches a new dating app — Elizium

At the end of September 2021, a Ukrainian team launched the Elizium app. Its features include a personal psychological portrait and potential partner compatibility estimation. Only a week after, the number of active Elizium users raised to 25,000. The app became one of the App Store Top 10 in the category “Social Media.”

AIN.UA will tell you about the app algorithm, its inventors, and their plans for the future.


The idea of creating Elizium belongs to its founder, Kyrylo Mykhailenko, who collected some negative experiences using other dating apps. Fiorry Social LTD and Ideal Society LLC developed a final product within less than four months. Their previous releases were KyivDate and Fiorry apps.

“Previous projects of our team got funding from private investors. But Elizium is the very first experiment our team and founder made for his funds. And Elizium appeared to be most popular among them,” said one of the app developers to AIN.UA.

Elizium is the first dating app developed by this team. It has specially designed a brand and a compatibility algorithm for the application. Currently, only 12 people are working on the project.

Image: AIN.UA

Elizium is trying to solve the crisis of online dating. It allows you to highlight persons who highly likely could build a successful relationship with you. So, you can find people more suitable for you according to their goals, sexual wishes, lifestyle, values, character, and habits.

How does Elizium work

You can download it both for iOS and Android.

  • After setup and registration, Elizium will ask you to add a picture of yourself.
  • Then it will ask you about the gender you are looking for and the age of a potential partner.
  • After that, you may fulfill the profile needed to create your psychological portrait and define your compatibility with other users.
  • After completing the survey, the system will calculate your compatibility with other users in various dimensions and display the information in their profiles without revealing the answers.

The Elizium team noted that it helps quickly understand how compatible people are and save time generally wasted on “useless communication.” And even if you like someone, the algorithm will warn you about possible conflicts.

Image credits: Elizium

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that you can check your compatibility with people you already know. For that, you should search people by their unique profile ID. You may share this ID and the results of the system analysis on social media.

Like other similar apps, Elizium has a chat. You can “wow” or make a virtual present to a person you like and pay for it through Apple Pay.

Image: AIN.UA


The developers have announced a new feature. It will not only calculate the compatibility between users but also automatically search for the best matches.

“This feature will be called “Perfect match in one click.” You will need to press a button, and the system will pick only those who are an optimal match for you in all life aspects. You will have to pick a user you like and start the communication.”