Nintendo Switch consoles to be officially sold in Ukraine. Price — $415

Popular handheld consoles Nintendo Switch will be officially on sale in Ukrainian electronic stores, as the fan community Play State Ukraine reports. The same information was confirmed to AIN.UA by several sources in the market.

  • According to AIN.UA information, the official distributor of consoles will be the company ERC (which also supplies to Ukraine Sony PlayStation consoles). The company said that at the moment they could not give any comments.
  • Some stores already have the consoles available for pre-order. For example, on the website of Moyo, pre-order is open for the consoles in two colors: red-and-blue and gray. The price of the device is 10,999 UAH (approx. $415), and sales will begin on November 9, 2021.
  • The retail chain Comfy confirmed AIN.UA the start of sales in Ukraine, “There will be supplies, but the exact date is unknown yet.”
  • But it’s still not a full-fledged launch in Ukraine. For example, there will be no Ukrainian localization on these Nintendo Switch devices, only Russian (just like on PlayStation). Also, it is unknown whether Ukraine will be added to the Nintendo eShop and whether the payment will be in hryvnias. According to preliminary data, none of this will happen so far.