Ukrainian startup Nuka starts delivering its notebooks to backers

Nuka, a Ukrainian startup that produces “eternal stationery,” has announced the start of shipments of its notebooks to backers from crowdfunding platforms, through which the team raised money for the launch back in 2019, Nuka co-founder Nikita Vladykin told AIN.UA.

“The first shipment will consist of 300 kits. There are materials for another 6,500 kits in the warehouse. We’ve got only ten notebooks with a small defect. And that is a great result,” Nikita said.

He also shared the photos of the final version of the product, which the startup is now delivering to Nuka’s backers.

The first customers have already received their rewritable notebooks and are sharing their feedback with the team.

As Nikita says, Nuka plans to ship the remaining notebooks by the end of the year, thereby completely fulfilling its obligations to the backers. The startup also intends to launch direct sales by about the same time. Now the team has its own test assembly line and works without contractors.

What’s next

Nuka has gone through some tough times. The startup has lost one of its co-founders. Also, because of mistakes in the distribution of shares — it has missed another funding round. You can read the full story in more detail at the link below.

However, Nuka is moving forward.

“We’re talking to investors now. We’re finishing up a new website and will release it this week. We haven’t had a chance to show our new brand identity and new website yet, but we have already won our third Red Dot Award for it. We’ll show everything soon,” said Nikita.