Ukraine was named the best country for hiring offshore developers

The company DAXX in its report on the attractiveness of different countries in terms of IT outsourcing in 2021, named Ukraine the No. 1 offshore software development country in Eastern Europe and the best in the world for hiring programmers. The reason is the access to one of the largest pools of talent and low rates. AIN.UA selected the most interesting facts from the report.

“59% of global companies hire offshore programmers to optimize software development costs. And while offshore developer rates vary from country to country, you can still save from 40% to 70% of total costs. For example, an average hourly rate for a senior developer in the US is $65–$130 per hour, while in Ukraine, it’s around $30–$60 per hour,” Daxx reports.

Daxx is a Dutch IT company with four R&D centers in Ukraine — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. The company is building and developing distributed teams of software development engineers for corporate clients and startups. It is actively promoting its services on hiring IT specialists in Ukraine for clients in the US and Western Europe. In December 2020, Grid Dynamics acquired Daxx, which resulted in a total workforce of about 1,000 IT professionals in Ukraine.

The best quality for its price

According to Daxx, the average hourly rate for a Ukrainian developer ranges between $30 and $60. So, Ukraine is the best price-quality choice for a customer.

  • Junior Software Engineer hourly rate in Ukraine: $19–$25
  • Middle Software Engineer hourly rate in Ukraine: $26–$38
  • Senior Software Engineer hourly rate in Ukraine: $39–$60

In Poland, the average minimum software development rate is $43, while the maximum average is $65. In Brazil and Argentina, the average rates are $35-50, in India and China — about $19-40, and in Egypt and South Africa — $25-45.

As Daxx notes, Ukraine is the fastest growing country in its region in terms of IT. It has the largest talent market after Poland, but with markedly lower rates.

All these factors, as well as the high number of well-qualified potential recruits, make Ukraine the No. 1 choice in Eastern Europe and the best IT offshore, according to Daxx.

“Why is Ukraine the best offshore development destination? (…) The main benefit of hiring offshore developers in Ukraine is that you’ll have access to the second biggest tech talent pool in Eastern Europe. Among other benefits are the speed of hiring and the lower cost of developer attraction,” the study concludes.

Rates by positions