Meredot raises $350k to develop wireless chargers for e-scooters

Meredot, a Latvia-based startup founded by a Ukrainian, Roman Bysko, developing wireless charging stations for electric scooters, has raised $350,000 in a seed round. Overkill VC, Ukraine Invest, and Oleksandr Kryvoruchko invested in the startup. The funds will be used for further development of the product, the release of the first commercial versions of the product, and the first pilot projects, reports Vector, citing FinSMEs.

  • Meredot is a mobility B2B infrastructure company for e-scooter operators that offers wireless vehicle charging stations and helps cities resolve efficiency, environmental, and safety issues to maximize the benefits of micro-mobility.
  • The Meredot system has two parts: a wireless charging station (a control panel and a parking pad) installed at a public place and an e-scooter adapter.
  • Wireless power transfer begins with parking a vehicle at the station. It can be scaled to fit a variety of e-scooter sizes.

About Meredot 

In 2019, Meredot secured a €50k grant for its innovative MePower wireless charging technology, which is a core component of the wireless charging station. In 2020, Meredot raised funds from Overkill a €1.33 million valuation. The amount of the funding was not disclosed, but the VC firm usually invests up to €220,000.

Over the last six months, Meredot grew from developing a laboratory prototype to the construction of a commercial version of its wireless charging station for Bird, Lime, Bolt, and other e-scooter operators.