Ukrainian startup Metal Time Workshop raises $19k on Kickstarter

The Ukrainian startup Metal Time Workshop, a manufacturer of stainless-steel mobile construction sets in form of legendary cars, machines, and mechanisms, has conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. According to the startup reps’ commentary for AIN.UA, the first construction sets have been already manufactured and are ready to be delivered worldwide.

About Metal Time construction sets

All the construction sets are manufactured by Metal Time from the stainless steel AISI 304. It is an eco-friendly, chemically neutral, and hypoallergenic steel designed for the food industry. The startup got the required safety certificates. The steel is easy to recycle.

The specialists do mostly replicate models of legendary cars, machines, and mechanisms. Metal Time has the following sets: International Space Station, Captain Nemo’s Submarine Nautilus, Oil Platform, and many others.

No glue or other connecting substances are needed to assemble the sets — all the parts can be fastened to each other only by the mechanical connection of metal.

The Kickstarter campaign succeeded after one day

To start manufacturing the construction sets, Metal Time organized a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The platform users supported the startup with over $19,000. So, the desired $10,000 was collected within a single day.

“It appeared that our team managed to inspire our sponsors in the right way, and we collected the desired amount within a day. And it means that all sponsors will receive the sets they liked for sure, and we will be able to extend our assortment and start the serial production of the Metal Time construction sets,” summarized the startup reps.