Ukrainian startup Mate Academy secures $1.9 million in funding

The Ukrainian startup Mate Academy has raised a $1.9 million investment, as representatives of the company told AIN.UA.

  • Among the investors are co-founders of Wise (Transferwise), Teleport, Pipedrive, and Bolt. The round was supported by Horizon Capital and existing investors TA Ventures and Flyer One Ventures, which invested in the startup in 2019.
  • According to the startup’s representatives, the funds raised will go toward expansion in the American and Polish markets.
  • Mate Academy is an online academy for IT professions that provides a four-month programming course in exchange for a percentage of salary after employment. The students of the academy learn Java, Front-end, Full Stack Web, and UI/UX Design. In exchange for free courses, students pay 17% of their salary after employment for two years.
  • After the seed round in 2019, Mate Academy’s revenue grew 20-fold. Currently, the online academy has 1,300 employed students and 60 employees.