Ukrainian crypto startup Global Ledger signs $3.5M deal

Global Ledger is a Ukrainian startup, which provides a solution allowing banks to manage risks when dealing with cryptocurrencies. It has signed an M&A agreement with the Swiss fintech company Promethiem Group, as reported to AIN.UA by the company.

The company’s team. Photo credit: Global Ledger
  • Global Ledger has signed a strategic M&A partnership with Promethiem AG, a Swiss fintech group. The agreement secures a $3.5 million financing for the startup and access to new markets.
  • The startup was founded by Alex Fisun and Dimitrii Bilokon and facilitated by IdeaSoft (member of Sigma Software Group) business incubator. The startup team is working on a fintech solution that makes it easier for banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to work with cryptocurrencies. Specifically, the service helps:
    • Monitor and prevent AML/CTF risks in real-time
    • Perform extensive due diligence procedures on entities and individual accounts
    • Collect all needed information for suspicious activity reporting in seconds\
    • Lead investigations on money laundering in crypto
    • Integrate with your current AML/CTF processes

“When it comes to working with cryptocurrencies, the banks’ main fear is the lack of opportunity to check where the money comes from. Global Ledger solves this problem and opens the doors for the banks to finally get their piece of the huge cryptocurrency market,” says Hanna Khrystianovych, Fintech Program Manager at Sigma Software.