BUYBank: fast and profitable exchange of BTC for cash

Virtual currencies are becoming more and more popular. Some traders are interested in buying bitcoins to invest their capital, others, on the contrary, want to sell previously purchased coins and fix the profit from investments. To carry out such operations, it is worth choosing a reliable exchanger which can provide security of information and satisfy clients’ needs. BUYBank is a top company that gives you the opportunity to buy or sell bitcoin online, as well as to exchange cryptocurrency for cash in the official branch in Kyiv with full privacy.

How to buy bitcoin in BUYBank

All-Ukrainian service of digital assets exchange BUYBank invites beginners and experienced crypto-traders to cooperate. It is possible to buy or sell bitcoin online with a Visa/Mastercard card issued by any Ukrainian bank. To do this, go to the official website of the service and select the desired option in the list. Fill the appropriate fields in the calculator, initiate the exchange, and the transaction will be made as quickly as possible. Thanks to an intuitive interface and information about fluctuations in exchange rates over the past day and week, it is easy to make a profitable exchange of cash for bitcoin: the clients don’t even need to call a manager. The advantages of the BUYBank online exchange do not end there: registered customers can participate in the referral program and receive additional bonuses.

In case you want to exchange bitcoin for cash, you need to visit one of the offices of the company. The main branch of BUYBank is located in Kyiv at 45 Antonovicha street. Also, there is a recently opened branch in Odesa. You are allowed to carry out operations with cash in other regional centers: you can get detailed information from managers, as well as support service by phone or via Telegram chat. If you want to buy bitcoin with cash, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Discuss the details of the exchange with the manager, specify the amount and currency of payment (this can be done in advance via Telegram-chat). 
  2. Pay for your purchase at the cash desk. 
  3. Immediately after the payment, bitcoins will be transferred to the specified cryptocurrency wallet.

There will be no problem with bitcoin exchange for cash either. The BUYBank manager will give you the details of the BTC wallet to which coins should be transferred. After sending the stated amount, you need to wait for the network’s second confirmation which takes about 20 minutes. Then, the money will be issued through the cashier of the exchanger. The branch provides an opportunity to exchange bitcoins for UAH and USD.

Advantages of bitcoin exchange in BUYBank

The market of digital currencies is rapidly developing. Planning to exchange bitcoin for USD or UAH, crypto investors make a confident choice in favor of reliable exchangers. BUYBank is one of the leaders in the market of Ukraine. It is a large-scale and modern service, working with BTC and many other popular crypto-assets. Among the advantages of the company you will find:

  • Convenient and comfortable exchange. Both in the online format and when visiting the office in Kyiv or Odesa, the client can count on a high level of service. 
  • Confidentiality, reliability, and safety. The service doesn’t disclose information about transactions, doesn’t request documents, and uses SSL protocol with 256-bit encryption to ensure transaction security. 
  • Client focus. The exchanger offers high-quality services, which is confirmed by statistics: 95% of traders who perform an exchange at the site or office become regular customers of the company later.
  • Online information support. On the website, you can find all the relevant information concerning changes in the bitcoin exchange rate, which will help you make timely and correct decisions about the necessity of exchange.
  • Accessibility. Any resident of any region of Ukraine can initiate transactions and sell or buy bitcoin.

All of the above makes BUYBank an attractive service for cryptocurrency transactions. The key aspect is active work with cash: most clients prefer this safe way. The office staff will answer all the questions, dispel the doubts of inexperienced crypto-traders and give advice on how financially sound and profitable the planned operation is.

Why you should buy bitcoin

The prospects of the first cryptocurrency are quite promising. It is present in the portfolios of the world’s major funds and investment companies. In October 2021, the asset experienced a sharp rise: its quotes broke the historical record and crossed the $67,000 mark. According to analysts, the upward momentum will stay until the end of this year, and the long-term trend is unambiguously upward. Moreover, the interval between growth cycles is getting smaller.

Many investors prefer to keep coins in a cryptocurrency account and wait for the asset’s further rise in price. If you decide to convert profits into fiat money or, on the contrary, want to invest funds in digital currency, choose BUYBank exchanger. The company guarantees fair and profitable exchange, acting as a reliable financial partner of Ukrainian crypto traders.