Facebook starts hiring remote engineers in Europe

The US technology giant Meta (Facebook) has begun hiring engineers in Europe to work remotely, DOU reports. Moreover, the company does not require its employees to relocate to one of its R&D centers, as noted Maksym Ishchenko, founder of DOU and Djinni.

As you can see on a screenshot of an email letter from Facebook, so far, the company is ready to hire remote developers only from seven countries of the European Union.

Screenshot credit: Maksym Ishchenko

The email says, “We are about to kick off the process for our first ever cohort of remote engineers in Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Poland, France and Italy to join us in 2022 here at Meta (Facebook).”

As Maksym Ishchenko noted, now even large companies with a strong HR brand come to the point where they have to consider candidates for remote work.

“Remote work becomes as much of a bun as free lunches in the office or a budget for training. For Ukraine, this is certainly great news – more and more direct employers will come in search of talent to Ukraine, too. We already see this on the Genie, and in 2022, the share of such direct contracts I think will at least double,” wrote Ishchenko.

Previously, American billionaire Mark Zuckerberg announced the renaming of his company Facebook to Meta. He plans to change the social network to a metaworld — a global virtual reality platform where all users will communicate with no need to be in a certain physical space and without being tied to special gadgets developed for the social network.

It was also reported that Facebook intends to hire 10,000 highly skilled workers in the EU over the next five years. It needs them to create its own version of the “Internet of the future” and the “metauniverse.”