Similarweb’s Kyiv office to be expanded to 50 professionals and is expected to grow to 150 in two years

Similarweb, a leading digital intelligence company, has announced the expansion of its presence in Europe and the opening of two new offices in Kyiv and Munich. According to Yahoo Finance, the Kyiv office will employ 50 people with the prospect of growing the team further in the future.

  • The Kyiv office will employ 50 R&D and IT professionals, and that number is expected to triple in two years. The office will serve as a technical center where Ukraine’s highly-skilled specialists will work.
  • Currently, the company has 12 job openings in Kyiv. It is looking for DevOps, PHP/WordPress, Android, and Full Stack developers.
  • Similarweb already has an office in Ukraine. As reported by AIN.UA, it was created to quickly strengthen and expand the development resources in Kyiv back in 2015. Initially, Similarweb’s presence in Ukraine began as a partnership with Ciklum. However, all 15 employees of the Kyiv office become full-time employees of SimilarWeb by 2016.
  • Similarweb has grown its staff across all 13 global offices this year. And it plans to continue its rapid global expansion into the new year.
  • In 2021, Similarweb had a successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, when it secured an additional $165 million and raised its market capitalization to $1.6 billion ($1.377 billion at the time of writing).