Grammarly introduces an app for Windows and Mac

Grammarly, a Ukrainian company that provides a digital writing assistant to help people write clearly and effectively in English, has released a desktop application.

  • The application works on Mac and Windows. It is now compatible with other computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, Slack, or Discord.
  • The developers say it will help you create presentations, communicate via email, or make content for social media since now you can use it in Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Sheets, and Canva.
  • Previously, Grammarly was available as a browser extension, web app, Microsoft Word extension, and keyboard for Android and iOS.
  • Besides correcting grammatical mistakes, the program also helps you control the tone of your message, avoid stylistic errors, and suggest more concise and readable formulations. Grammarly analyzes your text in real-time — start typing your message, and it will suggest edits.

Recently, Grammarly has raised $200 million with a $13 billion valuation. It employs over 600 people in San Francisco, Vancouver, and Kyiv. Over 30 million users globally are now using the company’s product.