Zhytomyr court summons Zuckerberg regarding comments on Facebook

On October 19, 2021, the Korosten District Court of Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine, issued a ruling in the case regarding the protection of reputation on Facebook. One of its points was to appoint Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of this social media, as the co-defendant.

  • The lawsuit being considered in the Korosten District Court is about the protection of honor and business reputation. It is related to comments on Facebook. This case has been pending for several years. In recent court decisions on this case, the names of the plaintiff and the defendant are hidden. 
  • But in earlier decisions, it can be found that the lawsuit was filed by Ovruch town mayor Ivan Korud. The text of the comments regarding the town mayor and his activities is also quoted in the court documents. 
  • Korud filed the lawsuit back in July 2019, demanding to recognize the information in the comments as unreliable, degrading honor and dignity, as well as to oblige the defendant to remove these comments and refute the information. 
  • According to sud.ua, the plaintiff filed a petition summoning the owner of Facebook to court as a co-defendant and the court accepted this petition. Now Zuckerberg will have a distraction from creating the Metaverse in order to attend the trial in the Zhytomyr region.