Ukrainian startup MySat raises $9,500 on Kickstarter to create small satellites for space fans

MySat, a Ukrainian startup that sells kits for creating mini-satellites, has raised $9,500 on Kickstarter in a week. The crowdfunding campaign is ongoing.

What is MySat Kit

MySat Kit is a fully functional small satellite that can be assembled without any special knowledge. The mini-satellite consists of a pack of sensors and operating elements. It includes the mainboard, the camera, LEDs, pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, and other elements that help space fans understand how real satellites work.

MySat Kit has all the features of a real nanosatellite: receiving and processing commands for the camera, collecting telemetry about the state of the satellite and the environment (lighting of each side, temperature, battery parameters, position in space, position relative to the Earth’s magnetic field, etc.), power control module, as reported on the MySat website.

The project was launched by Joseph Konrad and Dmytro Khmara in 2021.

About the campaign on Kickstarter

The team’s fundraising goal is $7,000. The MySat Kit team says that the funds will allow them to develop an upgraded version of the mini-satellites with solar panels and launch small-scale production. MySat has managed to raise over $9,500 in just seven days from the start of the campaign. At the time of writing, the end of the fundraising campaign is more than a month away.

“We believe that this project has enough technical, scientific, and outreach value to successfully give new opportunities to schools and space fans,” comments the project team on Kickstarter.

Pricing for the MySat Kits starts at $98. Delivery to the first backers is scheduled for March 2022.