Rocket, a Ukrainian food delivery service, kicks off in Hungary and Spain

Rocket, a Ukrainian online food ordering and delivery service, has launched its work in Hungary (Budapest) and Spain (Granada, Pamplona, La Coruña), the company told AIN.UA.

  • According to the company, about 100 restaurants have already joined Rocket in Hungary, while in Spain, there are over 250 ones. During the launch stage, there is no delivery charge.
  • In the new markets, Rocket couriers will use electric vehicles as well as bicycles to minimize air pollution and noise.
  • The company also continued its expansion in France and started operating in Marseille. It is already Rocket’s fourth city in the country.
  • Today Rocket covers eight European markets (Ukraine, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Spain, and Hungary) and a total of 44 cities. Cyprus was the first country outside Ukraine where the service was launched. In April 2021, Rocket entered the Dutch market. During the year, it launched delivery in Greece, France, and Portugal.