Apartment rental app, bird, launches in London

bird, an iOS app for long-term apartment rentals in Kyiv, has launched in London. There, it works under the name birb. As representatives of the startup told AIN.UA, the launch in the British capital was timed to coincide with its 3rd birthday.

Image credits: bird
  • bird is an experimental product by LUN, which appeared on the App Store in December 2018. Its main features include a detailed 3D map highlighting buildings with apartments for rent and an AI-based solution for tackling the problem of fake listings.
  • The application works as an aggregator. It collects apartment listings from 24 real estate websites, such as DOM.RIA, Country.ua, OLX, Rieltor.ua, 100rielty.ua, etc.
  • The operation principle of London’s birb, as well as the main features, are similar — the application collects listings from the two largest real estate platforms in London. Afterward, birb‘s artificial intelligence structures them, transfers them to a 3D map, and checks for duplicates.

To get stronger, you have to play with the best. That’s why we chose London as the second city to launch. London is the perfect city for this task. It has a well-developed rental market with intense competition. Also, other pleasant advantages include the English language and a high percentage of iPhone users. This is important because our app now works only on iOS,” said Arseniy Feshchenko, designer and head of the birb team.

There are two differences between these two applications. First, the name of the London app has been changed to birb. According to the company, it was created with the purpose of parallel development of two versions of the app — the international birb and Kyiv’s bird. The second difference is the map. It was completely redesigned for London, and filters adapted to British realities.

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