, a startup that transcribes video calls, secures $200k, a Ukrainian startup that transcribes video calls and generates reports, has raised $200,000. The lead investor was GEEK Ventures, an investment firm recently created by angel investor Ihar Mahaniok and 3DLOOK founder Vadim Rogovskiy, as representatives of and GEEK Ventures told AIN.UA.

Funding details

  • The round was led by GEEK Venture with participation from Elias Veris (Global Strategy & Operations Lead at Google for Startups) and Yannick Rault (CEO of Sheetgo).
  • The money was invested under a Simple agreement for future equity (SAFE), an agreement between an investor and a company that provides rights to the investor for future equity in the company.
  • This was the first financing round for The startup launched at the end of 2020 and has been developing using sponsorship money since then.

“It was important for us to raise smart money from people with the same values and vibe. And we have successfully done it. Each of our investors gets notified when we need advice, and they are always ready to help us in their area of expertise. This helps us achieve the necessary results faster,” comments co-founder and CEO of Ukraine, Natali Marina.

About is a platform transforming video calls and meetings into notes, action items, tasks, and events. Currently, it is integrated with Google Meet, G-Doc, G-Drive, Google Calendar, and Slack. According to the representatives of the startup, Zoom will be added to this list as well.

Image: was founded in 2020 by Natalia Marina, Mykola Zomchak, and Marko Vovchok. As of now, 1,217 people from over 30 companies use the service. Moreover, 60% of them utilize Noty daily or weekly.

Natali Marina. Photo:

Where will funds go?

The funds received will go toward the further development of the product and marketing. Also, will use the money to integrate the service with Zoom, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

“The two most important qualities, in my opinion, are constant curiosity and a thirst for new knowledge. It is also crucial to learn from your experience — to be able to take both positive and negative feedback, to constantly grow and develop. Natali has developed all these qualities perfectly, and in addition, she makes a product that our 3DLOOK team and many industries in general really need,” comments Vadim Rogovskiy, Venture Partner at GEEK Ventures.

Other plans of the startup include expanding the team and closing a seed funding round.