Ukraine’s Awesomic secures a $2M round

Awesomic, a Ukrainian design search platform, has raised a $2 million round. Among the investors are the business accelerator Y Combinator, as well as the investment firms Flyer One Ventures, SID Venture Partners, 10x Value Partners, and Pretiosum.

Ragnar Sass (Pipedrive), James Park (Fitbit), John Graham and Jeffrey Rosen (Humble Bundle), Bas Godska (Acrobator Ventures), Mikko Silventola (Frontier VC), Yi Sung Yong (Atlas), Max Ischenko (DOU, Djinni), Alexander Khuda and Andrew Surzhynskyi (Restream), John Moyer (BeyondTrust, DesktopStandard), and 20 other investors also participated in the round.

Funding details

Awesomic plans to spend the $2 million raised on testing hypotheses about growth and scaling its own community of designers. Besides, the startup will use the funds to expand its team — hire people for the product and growth departments.

Roman Sevastyanov, Stacy Pavlyshyna. Photo: Awesomic
  • In August 2020, Awesomic raised a pre-seed round from European investors. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, but as Awesomic’s CEO, Roman Sevastyanov, said, it was a six-figure amount.
  • In 2021, the startup was selected for the summer accelerator program at Y Combinator and received an investment of $125,000.

About Awesomic

  • Awesomic is a platform that helps companies find their best-fit designers quickly. The platform runs on a subscription basis — there are three subscription plans. Customers receive task status updates daily during a workweek.
  • Roman Sevastyanov (CEO/CTO) and Stacy Pavlyshyna (COO/CMO) founded Awesomic in 2020. Since then, over 800 companies have used the platform, and about 100 of them were startups from Y Combinator. Among the company’s clients are  Reface, Ciklum,, and MemoryOS.
  • Currently, the service has over 60 designers carrying out 500+ tasks monthly.
  • In 2022, the company aims to achieve $10 million in ARR and grow its team to more than 50 people. Today, the startup employs 15 people. Awesomic currently has job openings for marketers, developers, recruiters, copywriters, and business analysts.