Estonian-born HRtech Teamscope raises €1.3M

Teamscope has raised €1.3 million from Estonian and foreign investors to improve the executive hiring processes through its Software-as-a-Service platform, EU-Startups reports.

  • Founded in 2015 by Alo Arro, Lauri Ilison, and Tonis Arro, Teamscope is a platform that helps executives improve team structure and make better hiring decisions. It organizes the recruitment decisions based on AI-collected and analyzed data that aims to eliminate personal bias and the risk of hiring errors. The data takes into account the candidates’ suitability for the team according to their values, competencies, and personality traits.

“Teamscope transforms a standard, intuitive hiring decision into a data-driven process, helping to reduce hiring risks. With Teamscope, every executive can become a professional recruiter,” Arro says.

  • The Estonian-born startup is headquartered in London. It has customers across Europe, the UK, and the US and is used by large companies, such as Oracle and AXA. The platform has already analyzed the profiles of more than 10,000 leaders.
  • According to Crunchbase, Teamscope has raised a total of $2.4 million during four rounds.
  • Teamscope currently has a team of 10 specialists. It plans to use the fresh funds to expand the sales team and develop the product.