Estonian healthtech Migrevention raises €355K pre-seed investment

Migrevention, a Tallin-based startup developing digital solutions for the remote treatment of migraines, has completed a €355,000 pre-seed round, EU-Startups reports.

  • Founded in 2020 by Katrina Laks, Migrevention’s solution offers digital treatment options in the app that users can easily access from home. Its digital tools help specialists assess patients’ conditions to provide evidence-based migraine treatment.
  • In 2020, Migrevention started a partnership with Quretec and Connected Health Cluster and got a €25,000 grant from the European Regional Development Fund for the “Migrevention digital headache clinic” project implementation.
  • Migrevention has a team of qualified neurologists and psychologists. Their goal is to evolve as a platform for scientifically proven treatment. For this reason, the company has recently launched clinical trials at Tartu University Hospital. 
  • Earlier in March 2021, the startup launched its digital headache diary, which can help with the treatment by tracking the recurrence of headaches.

“Our solution allows us to help 10 times more headache patients, thus offering a future treatment option to anyone suffering from frequent migraine headaches. We are developing a solution that would allow to monitor and prevent headache episodes, as well as offer treatment based on science-based recommendations,” founder and CEO Katrina Laks speaks about the startup.

  • Migrevention will spend the fresh funds on developing the platform, as well as making their digital headache treatment effective and scientifically proven.