Europe’s most profitable apps in 2021 include Tinder and PUBG with sales of $392M and $404M respectively

Sensor Tower has published statistics on the most profitable applications in 2021. The list of top 3 mobile games that earned the most money during the year also features a product developed by Ukrainians.

Main figures

According to Store Intelligence, European users spent $18.3 billion on the App Store and Google Play in 2021. This is 22.8% more than last year. Overall, global spending on apps in 2021 totaled $131.6 billion.

  • In total, the App Store and Google Play together had 27.4 billion unique downloads in 2021, which is 3.9% less than the previous year.
  • Сustomers from the UK and Germany spent the most money on apps in 2021. They are followed by France, Russia, and Switzerland with a noticeable difference.

Europe’s top apps

  • Tinder was the top-grossing non-gaming app — it earned $392 million in Europe in 2021.
  • TikTok became the most downloaded non-gaming app, generating nearly 102 million installs per year among Europeans.

The gaming segment generated $11.2 billion in Europe in 2021, which is almost 17% more than last year. Interestingly, the game Coin Master developed by Israeli-based Moon Active, which has R&D offices in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv), is in the top 3 mobile games by earnings. According to DOU, the Ukrainian offices employ over 150 developers.

  • PUBG Mobile from Tencent earned $404.2 million in Europe in 2021
  • Coin Master from Moon Active – $392 million
  • Roblox from Roblox Corporation – $264 million