UK’s Koto becomes The Credit Thing

In December 2021, the fintech startup Koto, launched in London by the co-founders of the Ukrainian service monobank, has rebranded and relaunched its product. It is now called The Credit Thing and looks even more like mono.

  • Koto is a mobile banking application from Oleg Gorokhovskyi and Misha Rogalskiy, former managers of PrivatBank, a Ukrainian bank. Its beta version was launched in March 2020.
  • The app is targeting the so-called “near-prime” market, in other words, customers who cannot get a credit from a regular bank — this is more than 15 million potential customers for the rebranded Koto.
  • Unlike the Ukrainian product monobank, which provides all banking services, Koto is a banking application that focuses on credits. This is because the company has a non-banking license in the UK.
  • In addition to its name, the product itself has changed — the initial credit limit was increased to £1,500, as well as the grace period to 62 days at a 27.9% per annum interest rate. With the Open banking system, customers can also link all their current accounts as part of the credit application process to prove their creditworthiness.
  • A few weeks after the rebranding, The Credit Thing received over 15,000 applications for credit cards. In 2022, the founders expect great growth of the customer base.

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