Top 10 birth countries of American unicorn founders

Ukraine was included in the list of ten countries in which the founders of the US unicorns were born. Twelve founders of the largest American startups are from Ukraine, per the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Venture Capital Initiative as described on the portal DOU.

  • According to the report, there are 1,078 founders of 500 US unicorn startups, and 44% of them were born outside the country.
  • Ninety founders came to the US from India. Israel is second, with 52 founders born there. It is followed by Canada, with 42 founders who have moved to the US, the United Kingdom (31), China (27), Germany (18), France (17), Russia (14), Taiwan (12), and Ukraine (12).
  • The list also includes the founders from Guatemala, Egypt, and representatives of other countries. However, they are not in the top ten.
  • The information on the research was published by the Professor of Stanford Graduate School of Busines Ilya Strebulaev on his Linkedin page. In the comments, he also shares the link to the full report. He also specifies that the report identified the country of origin for 500 out of 531 companies.
  • Ilya did not say who these 12 Ukrainians are and what companies they work for. It is known that Ukrainian founders are in Grammarly (Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider), Firefly Aerospace (Max Polyakov), and (Oleg Rogynskyy).
Infographics: Linkedin Ilya Strebulaev