How to apply for Diia City residency: Cabinet of Ministries’ guidelines

Last year, Diia City was introduced as a special legal framework for the Ukrainian IT industry. In early February, an application procedure for the Diia City residency is going to start. There is the Cabinet of Ministries’ Decree on that. AIN.UA describes the main rules based on this document. 

  • To get the status of the Diia City resident, a company should apply to the Ministry of Digital Transformation based on Annex 1 of the Decree (the link to download the Ukrainian version). This application could be sent:
    • Using (the application process is not there yet but would be enabled in early February 2022); 
    • Or via contact email for Diia City (yet to be indicated).
  • The application to join Diia City is a few pages document where an interested company states its legal and contact details, its sphere of operation, etc. It should have all the details listed in Article 6 of the Ukrainian Law on Stimulating Development of Digital Economy:
    • full name of the Applicant’s legal entity,  EDRPOU (The Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine), contact email, and phone number;  
    • last name, first name, date and place of birth, taxpayer identification number of the head of the entity, members of the executive board, members of other bodies, and a chief accountant;
    • the list of operation spheres that an Applicant is going to work in as a resident (according to the Articles 4 and 5 of the same Law);
    • a claim of the Applicant that there are no obstacles to be the Diia City resident (it’s a foreign company, NGO, business that has not disclosed its beneficiaries, etc.); 
    • the data on the Applicant’s income in the year that precedes the year of the Application. 
  • If the Application is provided by a representative acting on behalf of a company, then an original document or a legal copy of a power of attorney should be enclosed.
  • An applying company can additionally enclose a request for the special discounted tax mode  (as reported before).
  • All documents must be in Ukrainian. The Application, as well as all attached documents, must be verified by electronic signature.
  • The Ministry of Digital Transformation is processing the Application during ten working days starting from the application date, checking the provided information, and deciding whether to leave the Application without an answer, decline it, or provide a company with the Diia City residency status. 
  • If within these ten days, the Ministry of Digital Transformation has not notified a company that it left the Application without an answer or that it has declined it, then it automatically means that a company has been granted the status.
  • The Ministry of Digital Transformation also enters an applicant’s data into the Diia City registry together with the decision on a company’s residency status.
  • Decisions of the Ministry of Digital Transformation that an applicant company has become a resident of Diia City or that the company has been denied this status are published on the agency’s website the day after it has made this decision.