a game-changing opportunity in payments

The way we live, work, travel, or even shop is constantly being reinvented. As a result, consumer behavior is becoming more demanding when it comes to efficiency, speed, and cost.

So what does the future of payments hold, and what innovations can we expect in the way we manage money?

Disruption in the payments market is accelerating, albeit less blatantly than in other sectors. The soaring success of mobile payments, the emergence of neo-banks and fintech alternatives to traditional banks, and the accelerated adoption of digital wallets over physical cards in some markets are all reshaping the payments industry. 

Incumbent payment methods (the likes of bank transfers or card payments) still account for a large portion of global transactions but with major drawbacks. They are expensive (adding to financial inequality), time-consuming, and sparse (around 1.7 billion people globally remain unbanked).

This gives fintech newcomers plenty of space to innovate in a traditionally slow-changing industry. Notably, the use of technology can increase the availability of financial services, reduce costs, speed up transactions, and streamline the consumer experience.

Instant money transfer platform is set to transform the payments industry by removing the costs and friction associated with cross-border transactions. aims to become the most convenient, fast, and affordable way for anyone to send money anytime, to and from anywhere in the world. This can facilitate life-changing transformations: you can work abroad but send money home anytime, instantly; you get paid for work the same day; or you can move money digitally without opening a bank account.’s innovative technology is built to provide:

  • convenience: send and receive money using a smartphone;
  • accessibility: use existing cards and transfer money straight from card to card;
  • speed: processing time is on the order of minutes or seconds; and
  • affordability: typical bank fees and charges are eliminated.’s innovative technology is built to provide convenience (send and receive money using a smartphone), speed (processing time is on the order of minutes or seconds), and affordability (typical bank fees and charges are eliminated).


Conventional means of transferring money no longer satisfy consumers’ evolving needs. A fast-paced life and work environment require solutions that can build into a rapidly changing lifestyle. enables seamless money transfers via a smartphone, without the need to create new payment accounts. To initiate a transaction, users simply need to add their existing payment cards (Visa or MasterCard) to the app.

Money can be easily be transferred to other users by selecting their phone number and to anyone else by entering their 16-digit card number.

This eliminates the need for complex payment information such as the recipient’s address or IBAN and makes digital payments available anywhere and to anyone without having to carry a physical wallet or card.


The technology behind enables the transfer of money from one card to another in real time, even for cross-border operations. 

This is possible because doesn’t hold funds at any time during the transaction, which reduces processing times down to minutes or even seconds.

Instant money transfers reduce physical distances, allowing anyone to support their family, connect with friends, or get paid in real time whenever they need.

Financial inclusion

With traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, costs remain high. Transaction fees, currency exchange rates, currency conversion charges, alongside other hidden fees prevent many from accessing cashless transactions. eliminates most of the costs to facilitate access to digital payment instruments and simplify the way people work and get paid. Transfers can be made from and to any currency, no matter where the sender and recipient are located. No double currency conversion takes place as any two currencies are directly exchanged at a competitive rate.

Lowering money transfer charges also makes it possible to reduce the cost of hiring internationally, giving small businesses leverage to scale up and grow remote teams with less friction.

In a crowded market, is establishing itself as a competitive money transfer solution, with an impact on how consumers and businesses work, grow, and connect with each other. It provides the flexibility, speed, and convenience that have become integral to our lives.