Ukrainian IT company moves to a 4-day workweek to stay productive and not burn out

The Ukrainian IT company mcpk. will try to switch to a four-day workweek. So far, they have already allowed 13 employees to work in this mode and are moving other projects to it, as reported by DOU.

Photo: mcpk. Facebook page
  • Why did the company decide to take this step? First of all, their goal was to be a competitive employer in the overheated labor market. mcpk. believes that it is not enough to offer a good salary, an office in the city center, and a standard set of perks to compete for specialists. That is why the 4-day workweek should be another advantage for the company as an employer.
  • However, there are some restrictions. Members of the same team cannot have their extra day off simultaneously.
  • As the company told the magazine, the executives believe that the shorter workweek will help their professionals not burn out and be more productive. Moreover, the team has already had a chance to test such a work mode, and it turned out that it does work.

“One of our clients has initiated the switch to a four-day schedule for his team. So we had the opportunity to experience firsthand all the benefits of this work mode — the team liked it, the client was satisfied with the performance, and the hiring of new team members was of higher quality,” the company explained.

  • The company has also noted that it would only refuse the new schedule if the developers ask. But the majority of the team likes this idea so far.
  • This change does not affect the annual vacation — all public holidays also remain days off for the team.

“Overall, the new format has a positive impact on the employees’ work. They are more motivated, focused, and organized because they have more days off and can rest, self-develop, or do household chores,” mcpk. says.