Ukrainians develop a LinkedIn automation tool

The startup has introduced a solution that automates users’ work on the social media LinkedIn. The product can automatically send invitations to friends and create chains of messages. The company has already received funding from the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

  • The solution consists of a Chrome extension and an administrative panel available at
  • Users of the first version can automatically send invitations to add new contacts as friends, create chains of messages and follow-ups in automated mode, and track the effectiveness of their online activities with the statistics module.
  • works with contacts that can be found using LinkedIn search tools. Users will also be able to download contact lists.
  • has filters. For example, you can filter and interact with Premium LinkedIn users only or sort your contacts by their interaction history.
  • The first version of the program is free. The new versions will be enriched with several new features, including tools for multiple users and the ability to work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Also, you will be able to connect Dooozen to your other online marketing tools, including email marketing systems, CRMs, etc.
  • The project received a $25,000 grant from the Ukrainian Startup Fund. The first public version of the app appeared on the Chrome Store in late December 2021. To register and become a user of, you need to have a Google account and specify your LinkedIn profile at the registration stage.