Ex-CMO of Nimses announces the new project 211steps and raises $500k

Andrii Sirchenko, former CMO of Nimses, and Yevhen Utkin, an investor of the same company, have announced the new project 211steps. As reported by Vector, it is a program for creating exploration games, quests, excursions, and other interactive activities that can be played online and offline.

  • 211steps is a platform and toolkit for creating immersive and interactive performances. The platform offers users a choice. Each project on 211steps can be divided into several sections — at the end of each of them, users have to make a decision. Depending on the choice made, the beginning of the following section changes.
  • According to Sirchenko, there is no ready-made solution that would allow creating such products and putting them in users’ smartphones. He believes that the format of a mobile app will make it possible to cover both functional and marketing needs.
  • The project’s portfolio already includes two audio stories allowing users to influence the flow of the story. They were created by Tamara Trunova, director of the Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy. The stories “Return to Dignity” and “Return to Humanity” are about the Revolution of Dignity and the occupied territories of Ukraine. There are also several performances on the platform.
  • The app’s users will pay 30-60 hryvnias (approx. $1-2). Sirchenko expects that one user will play 5-6 interactive games a year. There are also plans to raise a funding round in 2022 and enter the Canadian, US, and British markets. Right now, the project receives financing from angel investors.
  • The co-founders of 211Steps are Andrii Sirchenko and Yevhen Utkin, the sole investor in the project. He has already invested $500,000 in the startup. Sirchenko and Utkin had already worked together for the Ukrainian social media Nimses.