Almexoft Open Day: Rebranding. Almexoft 3.0. Digital transformation experience from Moneyveo, MTI, Accordbank, Concordbank

On December 9, Almexoft held a large-scale ALMEXOFT OPEN DAY conference: an updated Almexoft low-code platform.

Almexoft Open Day is a conference that brought together Almexoft clients and partners, experts, and professionals in the field of business automation and digital transformation in the Nest innovation space (UNIT city).

There were two main news shared by the company:

  • platform rebranding;
  • announcement of a new version of the Almexoft 3.0 platform.

Almexoft has come to a global rebranding of the platform. The key modules of the system, AlmexECM, and AlmexBPM, are united under a common brand and from 2022 will be presented as part of a single low-code platform Almexoft. Despite the transformation, all the previous functionality will be available within a single user platform, and the platform licensing policy will remain the same.

As part of the announcement of a new version of the Almexoft platform with an index of 3.0., the company’s top management presented new functionality for automating business processes and electronic document management, as well as a new low-code platform interface.

Shared their expertise:

  • Igor Prikhodko, CEO Almexoft Ukraine;
  • Vasiliev Nikita, СTO Almexoft;
  • Koktash Andrey, Product Owner Almexoft;
  • Medet Abenov, CEO of Almexoft Kazakhstan.

Rebranding of the Almexoft platform

Even 5-10 years ago, the market for corporate document management systems was a set of heavy corporate software products with desktop clients and an outdated design, and the categories of such systems were focused on building workflow and complying with state standards.

The Almexoft team was sure that it was the process approach in building electronic document management that would make it possible to implement effective automation projects anywhere in the world.
It should be noted that the approach paid off, and today the system is a platform that allows solving a variety of tasks and building a corporate software solution of any complexity. On the basis of the platform, companies in Ukraine and abroad are building systems for automating the orchestration of internal processes (BPM), contract work management systems (CLM), corporate content and knowledge base management systems (ECM), classical document management systems (EDM), and are also switching to a digital signature (e-Signature).

It is for this reason that Almexoft has come to a global rebranding of the platform. The key modules of the platform — AlmexECM and AlmexBPM — are united under a common brand — low-code platform Almexoft. The new version of the platform will be under the index 3.0. for existing customers will be available from February 2022.

Almexoft is more than a software product. Almexoft is a unique ecosystem that combines the low-code Almexoft platform, related services, modules, and integrations thanks to an open API. Our global goal is to provide our clients with a tool that will allow them to be as flexible as possible and at the same time easily configure any internal processes, forms, reports, and integrations with other systems, while spending minimal resources.

Announcement of a new release of the Almexoft platform, version 3.0

The Almexoft team also presented new functionality as part of the release of the Almexoft 3.0 platform, which allows users to transform and automate processes even faster, taking into account modern business challenges. Release 3.0 for platform users will be available at the beginning of 2022.

The new low-code version of the Almexoft platform has even more useful tools for automating complex business processes and efficient document management. To speed up the platform and work with large amounts of data effectively, a transition to numeric identifiers has been made to speed up the system.

The set of functions for convenient administration of the platform has been expanded:

  • added new features for developing complex business rules and cases;
  • implemented new features for data inheritance;
  • added new section “Scheduled tasks”;
  • expanded list of available fields and forms;
  • added setting to download the original attachment at the stage;
  • extended delegation settings.

Users will be able to see the new functionality:

  • additional features for working with EDS and its visualization on the document;
  • search for organizational structure by user’s last name;
  • inheritance of attachments when creating a document based;
  • new opportunities for working with nested directories;
  • improved mobile apps. The interface of the mobile application on Android has been completely redesigned according to Google’s user experience recommendations, and the performance of the application on iOS has also been significantly improved.

Exchange of cases and experience in automating processes and workflow based on the Almexoft platform

The second session of the conference, in turn, was devoted to the exchange of experience and cases of business process automation and electronic document management based on the Almexoft platform from the most innovative companies and banks: Moneyveo, MTI, Accordbank, Concordbank, Radabank, ESKA Capital.

Also, special attention was paid to the formation of business ties, the creation and development of a network of professional acquaintances, the discussion of global trends in the transition to electronic document management, and in terms of process automation using modern tools. Speakers and clients shared their personal experiences of using the system and setting up processes first-hand.

Almexoft clients made the following presentations:

Moneyveo case. How to go to better with business processes if it is already so good?
Sinchenko Sergey, COO, Moneyveo. Tymoshchuk Romana, Head of Business Process Management, Moneyveo.
Radabank case. Using the functionality of the low-code platform Almexoft to solve everyday banking problems.
Tsikalyuk Viktor, Head of Operations Department, Radabank.
ESKACapital case. First steps to automate financial leasing.
Dubetsky Andrey, Chief innovation officer, ESKACapital.
Case MTI Group. Seamless integration of the Almexoft low-code platform with the Vchasno service. The entire life cycle of an electronic document in a single interface – internal approvals and exchange with a counterparty.
Shamina Natalia, Head of Administrative Management Service, MTI Group.
Concordbank case. Integration of the Almexoft platform with other software systems of the bank.
Starostenko Dmitry, Director of Strategic Development Department, Concordbank.
Accordbank case. How to organize electronic document management and exchange of documents with counterparties within the Almexoft ecosystem. Franchuk Alexey, IT Director, Accordbank.

Also, within the framework of the conference, a panel discussion was held, in which the speakers and guests of the conference discussed the information received and the challenges facing the business associated with automation and digital transformation of the business, and also shared ideas for the formation of a competitive business digitalization strategy.

See you at Almexoft Open Day 2022!