Fintech unicorn Revolut becomes a Diia City resident

The international financial technology company Revolut will become a resident of the new legal framework just launched in Ukraine, known as Diia City, as announced by Revolut Operations Manager Dmitriy Strelchuk during the presentation of Diia Сity on February 8.

“We want to invest in Ukraine and create jobs here. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Revolut is becoming the first resident of Diia City,” Dmitriy said.

  • According to Strelchuk, the company has more than a hundred openings for technical professionals in Ukraine.
  • The best employees are promised benefits in the form of options.
  • Revolut registered a juridical entity in Ukraine back in September 2021. And since May, the company has been actively recruiting employees in Kyiv. In December 2021, in an interview with AIN.UA, Revolut co-founder Vladyslav Yatsenko said that the company planned to hire at least 100 developers in Ukraine.
  • Revolut is a super app in the field of personal and business finance. It has a lot of features and services available. The company is actively growing and has a presence in 36 countries.
  • Revolut is the highest valued UK unicorn. In 2021, the company was worth $33 billion.
  • The special legal framework for IT companies Diia City launched on February 8, 2022, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation has already started the registration. Check out our article to learn more about the registration procedure: