Netflix buys the rights to Ukrainian movie Rhino directed by Oleh Sentsov

Netflix, an American subscription streaming service, has bought the rights to show the Ukrainian movie Rhino, as the film’s director said on his Facebook page.

UPD: Rhino is already available on Netflix

About the movie

Rhino is Oleh Sentsov’s second feature-length film, which has already been premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The story centers on a man from the 1990s nicknamed Rhino who is trapped in the criminal world. The shooting took place in Krivyi Rih, Lviv, and Kyiv and ended in December 2020. The main role in the film was played by Serhii Filimonov.

Why it’s interesting

When the biggest streaming platform buys a Ukrainian film, it means a broad audience from all over the world will see it. It is a good chance for local filmmakers to become world-famous and continue developing.

This is not the first time Netflix bought the right to a Ukrainian film. At the end of December 2021, the company acquired a 5-year license to the documentary co-produced by Ukraine, France, and Poland Home Games, directed by the Ukrainian Alisa Kovalenko. Territorially, the license covers the UK and the EU countries.