Wix evacuates its Ukrainian staff

Israel’s IT company Wix has evacuated about 1,000 of its employees and their families from Ukraine amid the escalating military threat from the Russian Federation, reported by Global.co.il.

  • According to the media, the Ukrainians were temporarily evacuated to Turkey for at least the next two weeks. If the situation does not improve, Wix will extend their stay abroad.
  • The company has relocated some employees in critical infrastructure positions to Poland.
  • Wix is covering the costs of transportation, accommodation, and food for its Ukrainian employees.
  • The company has also received many offers from Israeli colleagues ready to host the Ukrainians in their homes. But so far, the company does not see such a need.
  • Wix has three R&D offices in Ukraine, located in Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipro. The company considers the latter to be in the zone of highest risk.

Wix’s Kyiv office did not respond to our request for comment. But Denys Dovhal, Wix’s developer, has published some details about the evacuation on his Twitter page:

  • Nearly 25 people moved to Krakow. They are essential personnel for the company.
  • The total number of the evacuated employees is 167, together with their families — 367 people (the company confirmed this information).
  • For the employees who stayed in Ukraine but wanted to leave, the company will provide an additional opportunity to go to Turkey or Western Ukraine.