PKO Bank Polski launches special account to raise funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

PKO Bank Polski Foundation has launched a special account #PomocDlaUkrainy for donations to aid Ukraine during the ongoing war.

Now, people from Poland can help by depositing any amount of money, even the smallest one.

Here are the Bank Transfer details:

  • Fundacja PKO Banku Polskiegoi
  • Title: Wpłata na pomoc dla Ukrainy
  • Account number: 47 1020 1068 0000 1002 0172 3014

It is also possible to donate via IKO mobile application.

  1. In the main menu select the link — More (Więcej)
  2. Next select — Help with us (Pomagaj z nami).
  3. Then, in the Health category select — Help with the PKO Bank Polski Foundation (Pomagaj z Fundacją PKO Banku Polskiego).
  4. Donate any amount.