How to support Ukraine right now? The list of organizations for foreigners to donate

Early in the morning on February 24, Russia launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. One of the most meaningful ways to help Ukrainian citizens and the military right now is to provide donations.

AIN.Capital put together a list of reputable organizations where foreigners can donate, both to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces and its private citizens.

Helping the Ukrainian soldiers

Donations can be made online or from any bank card. The organization also accepts contributions in bitcoins.

This account accepts multiple currencies. It has been opened to receive transfers from international partners and contributors in foreign currencies and hryvnias.

With donated funds, the Ministry purchases military equipment and ammunition for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

The organization uses donated funds to help purchase supplies for the Ukrainian military, including ammunition, shields, and food.

It is a civil initiative that currently focuses on providing a comprehensive humanitarian campaign. It helps people to evacuate and provide psychosocial support.

monobank is a mobile-only bank in Ukraine, licensed by the Universal Bank of Ukraine. The mono bank team recently made an easy form for foreigners who want to donate money to support the Ukrainian army in two clicks. You can make a payment through Apple Pay or by inserting your credit card information (then press the purple button below to proceed).

Aid For Ukraine is the website for cryptocurrency donations launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine jointly with the blockchain company Everstake and the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The raised funds will be used for cyber defense, military spending, and to counter Russian propaganda.

It is an NGO launched by Ukrainian IT holding TECHIIA. TECHIIA Foundation provides humanitarian aid to defenders of Ukraine, including the purchase of necessary items and military equipment for the army. The limit of one transfer is UAH 149,999 (€4,500), but the number of transfers is unlimited.

KOLO foundation was created by the top managers of product IT companies, such as Reface, Readdle, Tumblr, WISE, TECHIIA Holding. It supplies the essential equipment to Ukrainian soldiers in hot spots.

Helping the civilians

This account accepts multiple currencies. It has been opened to receive transfers from international partners and contributors in foreign currencies and hryvnias.

Created by Ukrainian IT company MacPaw, the MacPaw Development Foundation has been supporting social projects in Ukraine since 2015. It is able to source and distribute large quantities of food, medical supplies, hygiene products, and other humanitarian aid to those in need.

  • Apple Music, Apple TV, App Store and Apple News 

Apple has started to promote direct donations to UNICEF across its platforms. You can donate though the Apple website — there is a banner asks customers to «Donate to support families affected by the crisis in Ukraine». A similar banner is visible in Apple News. Other prompts are also visible in the App Store, the Browse section of Apple Music, and the Apple TV app.

The Humanitarian Aid website is made for everyone who wants to help Ukraine. Here you can get the following information: how to send and to whom address humanitarian aid; how to transfer funds to support army or to help affected civilians; contacts of foreign and Ukrainian humanitarian hubs, etc. The platform was developed by the Office of the President of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Medical supplies

These organizations will use donations to fund medical aid for the people of Ukraine, including the purchase of first aid kits, backpacks stuffed with medical supplies, and medical rehabilitation for injured soldiers.