Volunteers launch interactive map #WorldForUkraine

In the light of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, volunteers and protesters have rallied in many countries across the world to support the Ukrainian people. Many have gone to digital spaces, creating projects to share the support.

#WorldForUkraine is a volunteer-founded platform that shows the magnitude of the world’s actions against the Russian aggression and regime. It is an interactive map of public support of Ukrainians under the hashtag #WorldForUkraine.

  • The map presents photos and posts from rallies, flash mobs, and protests around the world.
  • Among the most-posted countries are Germany, the UK, the USA, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

How to join

Volunteers can easily join the project by posting photos of political rallies and protests against the bloodshed in Ukraine. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Participate in any protest closest to you and post about it on any social media using geolocation and the hashtag #WorldForUkraine.
  • If there are no protests, organize one in support of Ukraine yourself. Then do the same actions as shown above.

You can also support the Ukrainian nation by donating any sum to the Ukrainian army: