Apple shuts down its operations in Russia

Apple has announced that it is shutting down operations in Russia. The reason is Russia’s attack on the territory of Ukraine. The company explicitly stated that it condemned Russia’s actions. As a consequence:

  • Apple is stopping sales of its products in Russia. The company’s sales channel in the country has already stopped working, and the company has also closed its exports to the Russian Federation. Thus, the company’s partners will sell the remaining devices and then will be able to trade only fake ones.
  • Apple Pay and other services no longer work in the Russian Federation.
  • Apple also pulled RT News and Sputnik News from its App Store.
  • Also, the company will not show traffic jams and other information in Apple Maps in Ukraine because it may help the enemy — Russia.

AIN.Capital supports Apple’s decision and asks other Ukrainian and international companies to do the same. There is a war with Russia in Ukraine, not a humanitarian crisis or a difficult situation, as others say.