Cryoin factory halts neon production in Odesa. It can lead to a global microchip shortage

Cryoin Engineering produces and supplies worldwide neon gas used to power lasers that can carve patterns in microchips. The factory halted its work on February 24, Wired reports.

  • Larysa Bondarenko, Cryoin Development Director, says that the production of neon and other gases made by the company Cryoin stopped on Thursday when the full-scale invasion began. Workers were asked to stay at home until the situation stabilized.
  • Neon gas is supplied to companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Therefore, the factory shutdown will be felt worldwide.
  • Currently, the world is experiencing a shortage of microchips caused by the pandemic. Last year, almost all vehicle manufacturers reported certain restrictions due to the microchip shortage. General Motors closed entire factories, and Apple, one of the world’s largest microchips users, said it would reduce the number of iPhones produced by 10 million in 2021.