How foreign businesses respond to war in Ukraine: sanctions list (updated)

Ukrainian PR specialist and music blogger Sasha Varenytsia has collected a list of international companies’ reactions concerning the war in Ukraine on his Facebook page. AIN.Capital has selected the businesses and brands that have imposed sanctions against users from Russia.

*We are constantly updating the selection by adding new companies that have pulled out of Russia and Belarus or/and imposed sanctions against its users.

  1. Accenture, an IT consulting company, closed business in Russia.
  2. Accor, achain of hotels around the world. Now — all over the world, except Russia.
  3. Acne Studios, a clothing brand. Stopped all activities in Russia.
  4. Acronis, a company specializing in data protection, stopped all business operations in Russia.
  5. Activizion Blizzard, a publisher of video games including Call of Duty and Diablo, stopped selling games in Russia.
  6. Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator), a developer of the graphics an video editing software, stopped selling its products and dervices in Russia.
  7. Airbnb, a rental service, stopped working in Russia and Belarus.
  8. Airbus, one of the largest aircraft companies, stopped servicing aircraft operating on Russian airlines.
  9. Amadeus IT Group, a global distribution group, stopped working with Russian airlines.
  10. Amazon, a global retailer. Suspended access to Amazon Prime Video for Russia and Belarus, suspended shipments of retail goods to customers in these countries. Amazon Web Services also suspends operations in Russia and Belarus and closes registration for new users from there.
  11. American Express, a financial company known for its credit and debit cards, one of the most expensive brands in the world, stopped cooperating with sanctioned Russian banks.
  12. Adidas, a sportswear brand, stopped cooperating with the Russian Football Federation.
  13. AMD, a manufacturer of chips, stopped the delivery of its products to Russia.
  14. ASOS, a popular online clothing & cosmetics store, reported it had «neither the opportunities nor the right to work in Russia now». 
  15. Apple, an IT giant, blocked Apple Pay for Russia, online store, and delivery of new products.
  16. Aston Martin, a car manufacturer, reported that it would not export new cars to Russia due to sanctions.
  17. Atlassian, a developer of services, including Jira, Trello, and Bitbucket. Stops selling its products to Russian and Belarusian customers.
  18. Autodesk, an engineering software developer, stopped working in Russia.
  19. Avast, a manufacturer of antivirus software. No longer available in Russia and Belarus.
  20. BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, froze all new business projects with Russia and Belarus.
  21. Bentley, a car brand, left the Russian market.
  22. Bayer, a multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Stops advertising and investment projects in Russia.
  23. Better World Books, an online store of used and new books, removed Russia from the list of countries for its books delivery.
  24. Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, wil not accept cards from sanctioned Russian banks.
  25. Bitdefender, a Romanian antivirus software developer. Suspends activities in Russia.
  26. BlaBlaCar, a ride-companion search service. Leaves Russia.
  27. BLAST, an international e-sports association, banned participants from Russia and Belarus.
  28. BMW (BMW, Mini), a car concern, stopped exports to Russia and shut down the factory in Kaliningrad. 
  29. BP (British Petroleum), an oil company, left Rosneft, thus, withdrawing more than $20 billion from Russia.
  30. Boeing, an aircraft design company, stopped serving planes cooperating with Russian airlines. 
  31. Boohoo, a fashion brand that stopped online sales in Russia.
  32., a rental service. Stopped working in Russia and Belarus.
  33. Bridgestone, a tire manufacturer. Closes the plant in Ulyanovsk, stops deliveries to Russia.
  34. British American Tobacco (Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, glo), a multi-brand tobacco company. Leaves Russia.
  35. Brown-Forman, an alcohol corporation that includes Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia, and more. Suspends business in Russia.
  36. Bumble Inc., developer of dating apps. Its products, Bumble and Badoo, will stop working in Russia. The company will remove applications from Russian apps.
  37. Burberry, a clothing brand, suspended deliveries to Russia.
  38. Burger King, a fast food chain. Stops corporate support for Russian business, marketing activities, and supply chains.
  39. Canon, a manufacturer of photographic equipment, shut down the Russian online store.
  40. Cannes Lions, an advertising projects festival, declined to receive a Russian delegation.
  41. Carlsberg Group (Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664, Baltika, Grimbergen, Somersby, Holsten), a multi-brand beer company, stopped investments in Russia and cooperation with its Baltika brand.
  42. Caterpillar, a manufacturer of construction equipment. Stops operations in Russia.
  43. CD Projekt RED, a publisher of the computer games Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher, stopped selling games in Russia.
  44., a crypto platform, suspended the registration of new participants from Russia and Belarus; stopped all deposit and trade activities in mentioned regions.
  45. Chanel, a luxury clothing and accessories brand, pulled out of Russia. 
  46. Cisco, a manufacturer of telecom equipment, stoped all business operations in Russia and Belarus.
  47. Coca-Cola, a multi-brand manufacturer of sweet drinks. After pressure from the international community, the community stopped advertising in Russia.
  48. Cogent, the main Internet operator. Decided to terminate cooperation with his clients, including Yandex, VimpelCom, VK, MegaFon, etc.
  49. Colgate-Palmolive, a manufacturer of hygiene products. Restricts imports to Russia, stops investment, and advertising in the country.
  50. Condé Nast, a multi-brand magazine publisher, including Vogue. Stopped publishing in Russia.
  51. Coursera, an online education platform, stopped working in Russia.
  52. Crocs, a well-known shoe brand. Suspends direct sales in Russia, including online, and offline stores.
  53. Daimler Truck, a truck manufacturer, stopped its operations in Russia, including terminating the contract with KamAZ. 
  54. Dassault, an aircraft designer, stopped supplying Falcon business jets to Russia and froze all current orders.
  55. DataArt, an American outsourcer. Suspends activities in Russia.
  56. David Chipperfield Architects, an architectural bureau, stopped working on Russian projects.
  57. Dell, a manufacturer of computer equipment, stopped sales in Russia. 
  58. Depositphotos (together with VistaCreate), a photobank with side products. Closed access to its services for users from Russia and Belarus with the words “We will not allow our services to be used to promote, misinform, or support illegal actions.”
  59. Deutsche Bank, a large multinational bank. Stops business in Russia, does not plan new projects in the aggressor country.
  60. Deutsche Börse, one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe, halted trading in all Russian-related securities.
  61. DHL, an international logistics operator, suspend freight services to Russia
  62. Diageo (Smirnoff, Guinness, Johnnie Walker тощо), an alcoholic multi-brand company, stopped exports to Russia.
  63. Discovery, a network of educational TV channels. Stops the operation of 15 channels in Russia.
  64. Disney, a film company, banned the rental of its films in Russia.
  65. DMarket, a trading platform for NFT and In-game Metaverse items, frozen all accounts of users from Russia and Belarus.
  66. Domino’s Pizza, a worldwide network of pizzerias. Suspends investment in Russia, but restaurants continue to operate.
  67. DXC Technology (Luxoft), an IT outsourcing company, suspended business in Russia and cooperation with local clients.
  68. EA Games, a game publisher, stopped selling its games in Russia and Belarus.
  69. EA Sports, a game publisher, removed Russian and Belarus teams from its FIFA and NHL sports simulators.
  70. eBay, an online auction. Blocks transactions with Russian addresses.
  71. Eni, an Italian energy company. Announced the cancelation of oil purchases in Russia.
  72. EPAM, a global IT outsourcing company, stopped all business operations in Russia and prepared to close the office there.
  73. Epic Games, a game publisher (Fortnite), stopped accepting payments from Russia both inside the games and in the Epic Games Store.
  74. Ericsson, a manufacturer of telecom equipment, suspended deliveries to Russia. 
  75. Estee Lauder, a cosmetics manufacturer. Closes business in Russia.
  76. Epson, a manufacturer of office equipment. Ceases to supply products to Russia and Belarus.
  77. Eurovision, an international song contest, removed Russia from the list of participants at least this year. 
  78. EY, a consulting and auditing company. Withdrew from Russian operations.
  79. Exxon Mobile, a fuel company, withdrew its specialists from Russian companies. 
  80. Farfetch, an online store of exclusive fashion clothing, will not deliver clothes to Russia. 
  81. Fazer, a Finnish food brand, stoped exports to Russia.
  82. Feedl, a dating service. Stopped working in Russia and Belarus.
  83. FedEx, an international logistics operator, stopped working with Russia. 
  84. FIFA / UEFA suspended Russia from International Competition.
  85. Figma, a service for designers. Freezes corporate accounts of Russians and stops all sales in the aggressor country.
  86. Fiverr, a marketplace of services for freelancers. Stopped working with Russia.
  87. Ford, a car brand. Left the Russian market.
  88. Formula 1 canceled the tournament in Sochi and terminated the contract with the Russian promoter.
  89. Fortum, a Finnish energy company. Stopped all investment projects in Russia
  90. General Motors (Chevrolet, Cadillac, etc.), a multi-brand automobile group, stopped exports to Russia.
  91. GitLab, a platform for shared coding. Stopped sales in Russia and Belarus.
  92. GoDaddy, a domain name registrar. Removed the Russian version, stopped selling domains in Russian areas, stopped accepting Russian rubles for payment.
  93. Golden Goose, an online luxury clothing store, stopped deliveries to Russia.
  94. Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Stops all business in Russia.
  95. Google, a global IT giant. Prohibited advertising in Russia on all services. Stopped accepting payments from Google Play. Google Cloud service has stopped registering new users from Russia.
  96. Gopax, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, blocked Russian accounts and IP on its platform.
  97. Grammarly, an online grammar checker, blocked access for Russian and Belarusian users.
  98. GSC Game World, the developer of the super-popular game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Will not release a new iteration of “Stalker” for Russian players in any of its forms.
  99. HAPAG Lloyd, a container carrier, stopped serving Russia.
  100. Harley Davidson, a brand of motorcycles, stopped all business in Russia. 
  101. H&M Group (H&M, COS, etc.), a multi-brand group of clothing stores, stopped sales in Russia.
  102. Hearst, a publishing house that includes Esquire, Elle, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan. Revokes licenses from Russian partners.
  103. Heineken, a brewing concern. Suspends exports to Russia and investment projects in the country. Subsequently, announced the cessation of production of beer under the Heineken brand in Russia.
  104. Herbalife Nutrition, a manufacturer of dietary supplements. Shuts down all 62 sales centers in Russia and will stop supplying its products to the aggressor country.
  105. Hermes, a luxury clothing and accessoiries brand, closed all stores in Russia.
  106. Hilton, a chain of hotels around the world. Now — all over the world, except Russia.
  107. Hitachi, a Japanese tech giant. Suspends business in Russia.
  108. Honda, a car manufacturer, stopped deliveries of cars and motorcycles to Russia. 
  109. HP, a manufacturer of office equipment, suspended deliveries to Russia. 
  110. Hugo Boss, a clothing brand. Suspended sales in Russia.
  111. Hyatt, a chain of hotels around the world. Now — all over the world, except Russia
  112. Hyundai, an auto conglomerate, closed the factory in St. Petersburg (but plans to open it next week). 
  113. IBM, an IT corporation, will stop selling its technology to Russia and work with Russian military.
  114. IELTS, an English language proficiency tests. Canceled in Russia.
  115. IKEA, a Swedish furniture retailer, closed stores in Russia and Belarus.
  116. Imperial Brands, a multi-brand tobacco company that includes Davidoff and Winston. Stops sales and production in Russia.
  117. Inditex (Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear are among its brands), a multi-brand clothing ans accessories retailer, closed stores in Russia including online.
  118. Intel, a manufacturer of chips, stopped delivery of its products to Russia.
  119. Intuit, a financial software developer and owner of the Mailchimp mailing service. Closes the accounts of all customers from the Russian Federation.
  120. Jaguar Land Rover, an automobile group, stopped deliveries of vehicles to Russia.
  121. Japan Tobacco, a multi-brand tobacco company (Winston, Camel). Stops marketing activities in Russia, investment projects and the launch of new products.
  122. JCB, a Japanese payment system. Stops work in Russia — JCB cards issued in Russia will not be supported abroad, and cards issued in other countries will not be supported in Russia.
  123. JetBrains, a developer of coding tools. Suspends the reception and processing of orders from individuals from Russia and Belarus.
  124. Jooble, a Ukrainian job search service, terminated cooperation with Russian and Belarusian companies and clients. 
  125. JP Morgan, an investment bank. Partially left the Russian Federation — leaving only the service of customer obligations.
  126. JYSK, a furniture retailer. All 13 stores in the territory of the aggressor country will be closed.
  127. Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, etc.), a multi-brand fashion giant. Closed stores in Russia.
  128. KPMG, an international auditor. Closes offices in Russia and Belarus.
  129. Kuna, a Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, turned off all operations connected with ruble.
  130. L’Oreal, a cosmetics brand. Temporarily closes stores in Russia, stops online shopping in the country.
  131. LEGO, a producer of plastic construction toys, suspended deliveries to Russia.
  132. Lenovo, a manufacturer of computer equipment, stopped deliveries to Russia.
  133. Letyshops, Ukrainian cashback service, stopped working in Russia. 
  134. Levi Strauss & Co, a denim clothing brand, suspended business in Russia, including new investments.
  135. Lindt & Sprüngli, a chocolate manufacturer. Stops operations in Russia.
  136. Live Nation, a major concert organizer and booking agent for artists in Europe, closed down all business in Russia, including the concerts organization.
  137. Logitech, a brand of computer technology. Stopped deliveries to Russia.
  138. Lumen, a main Internet operator. Decided to terminate cooperation with its customers in Russia.
  139. Lush, a brand of cosmetics. Suspended online sales and deliveries to Russia.
  140. LVMH (Moët & Chandon, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton), a giant of the fashion industry, closed shops in Russia.
  141. MacPaw, a Ukrainian software developer for macOS. Revoked the renewal of the subscription for all Russian users, forbade them to use their product in the future.
  142. Maersk, a container logistics company, stopped cargo transportation in 3 of the 4 Russian ports.
  143. Mango, a clothing and accessories brand, suspended all operations in Russia.
  144. Marriott, a worldwide hotel chain. Stops investment and development of its future projects in Russia.
  145. Marks & Spencer, a clothing brand, stopped deliveries to Russian stores.
  146. Mars, a multi-brand confectionery company (Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, M & Mʼs, Pedigree, Whiskas, etc.). Stopped advertising campaigns and investments in Russia. Later stated that it was stopping exports and imports to Russia.
  147. Mastercard, a bank card operator, stopped issuing cards in sanctioned Russian banks.
  148. Matchesfashion, an online luxury clothing store, stopped deliveries to Russia.
  149. Mazda, a Japanese multinational automaker, stoped the supply of parts to the plant in Vladivostok.
  150. McDonald’s, a worldwide fast food chain. Temporarily closes all 850 restaurants in Russia.
  151. Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury automotive marque, stopped exports to Russia.
  152. Megogo, an online cinema, deleted Russian content, stopped working in Russia.
  153. Michelin, a tire manufacturer with its own well-known restaurant guide, separated Russia from 50Best, an association that includes the top 50 best restaurants in the world. Plans to remove the aggressor country from the Michelin guide.
  154. Miro, a service for joint work on projects of Russian origin. Closes office in Russia, stops sales in Russia and Belarus.
  155. Microsoft, a global IT giant, suspended all new sales of products and services in Russia.
  156. Mobile World Congress, a world telecom exhibition, banned the participation of several Russian companies, will not include Russian pavilion.
  157. Mondelez International, a multi-branding confectionery company (Alpen Gold, Milka, Toblerone, Oreo). Stopped advertising campaigns and investments in Russia.
  158. Mothercare, a retailer of children’s goods. Suspends activities in Russia.
  159. MSC, a container carrier, stopped serving Russia.
  160. Mytheresa, an online clothing store, stopped deliveries to Russia.
  161. Nanushka, a Hungarian fashion brand, stopped sales to Russia.
  162. Net-a-Porter, an online clothing store, stopped receiving orders and deliveries in Russia.
  163. Nestle, a multi-branding food company. Stops investing in Russia. At the same time, will continue to supply certain products to the aggressor country.
  164. Netflix, ​​a video streaming platform, stopped the production of all Russian projects.
  165. Niantic Lab, a game developer, including Pokemon GO. Closed its games from downloading in Russia and Belarus.
  166. Nike, a sports brand, stopped online sales in Russia.
  167. Nintendo, a game publisher and brand of game consoles, suspended payments in Russian currency.
  168. Nissan, a car manufacturer, stopped exports to Russia.
  169. NOKIA, a manufacturer of telecom equipment, stopped deliveries of network equipment, base stations, and other components for communication systems to Russia.
  170. NVIDIA, a video card manufacturer, suspended business in Russia. 
  171. OBI, a network of construction and household goods stores. Leaves Russia, where it had 27 branch stores.
  172. Ocean Network Express, a logistics giant, stopped working with cargo from/to Russia.
  173. Okta, a company that owns the Auth0 authorization service. Will leave Russia and Belarus, will not sell their products to these countries, user accounts from these countries will be deleted.
  174. OneWeb, a satellite company, will no longer launch satellites from Baikonur.
  175. Oracle, one of the largest software vendors in the world, closed its business in Russia.
  176. Panasonic Group, a manufacturer of household and media appliances, stops settlements with Russia.
  177. Pandora, a jewelry company. Suspends business relations with Russia.
  178. Papa John’s, a global pizzeria franchise. Suspends operational, marketing, and business support for the Russian market.
  179. PayPal, an international payment service, stopped registering new users from Russia.
  180. Paramount, the world’s leading producer of premium entertainment content, paused film distribution in Russia.
  181. Parimatch, a gambling platform, withdrew a franchise from Russia.
  182. Payoneer, a fintech company. Stops work in Russia due to the war with Ukraine.
  183. Paysera, a payment system, stopped serving customers from Russia.
  184. PepsiCo, a multi-brand manufacturer of sweet drinks. After pressure from the international community, the community stopped working in Russia.
  185. Pernod Ricard (Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Jameson, Absolut, Ararat, Olmeca, Befeater, Havana Club, etc.), a group of alcohol brands. Stopped exports to Russia.
  186. Pfizer, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Suspends investment in Russia, including suspending clinical trials in Russia. All proceeds from sales in the aggressor country will be sent to help Ukrainians.
  187. Philip Morris, a multi-branding tobacco company (Malboro, L&M, Chesterfield, Parliament, IQOS, etc.). Closes investment projects in Russia.
  188. Plarium, a developer of mobile games, including Raid: Shadow Legends. Removed its games from Russian and Belarusian appstores.
  189. Poster, a Ukrainian service for restaurant management, stopped serving customers from Russia and Belarus forever.
  190. Prada, a fashion brand of clothes and accessories. Stops operations in Russia.
  191. Procter & Gamble, a multi-brand manufacturer of household chemicals and cosmetics, including Tide, Gilette, etc. Stops investments in Russia, reduces the local range of goods, closes all advertising companies in the aggressor country.
  192. Puma, a sports brand, stopped online sales in Russia.
  193. PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Warner’s, etc.), a group of fashion brands. Closes shops in Russia, suspends commercial cooperation.
  194. Qmall, a Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, blocked all assets of Russian and Belarusian users.
  195. QS, an international ranking of universities. Excluded from all subsequent rankings universities from Russia and Belarus.
  196. Qualcomm, a manufacturer of chips. It will no longer sell its products to Russian companies.
  197. Readdle, a Ukrainian developer of mobile applications for iOS. Removed its products from Russian markets and stopped cooperating with Russian companies and those who support the war in Ukraine.
  198. Revolut, a British fintech unicorn of Russian-Ukrainian origin. Stopped operations with cards of Russian banks.
  199. Richemont (Cartier), a fashion brand of clothes and accessories. Suspends operations in Russia.
  200. Ricoh, a manufacturer of office and multimedia equipment. Suspends supplies to Russia.
  201. Rolls-Royce, a brand of luxury cars. Stops all business in Russia.
  202. Rovio, the publisher of games, including the Angry Birds series. Announced the exclusion of their games from apps in Russia and Belarus. Microtransactions in already downloaded games will not be available.
  203. Saber, a manufacturer of software for buying tickets. Stops working with Russian airlines.
  204. Salesforce, a company that specializes in Internet marketing and owns Slack Messenger. Stops sales in Russia.
  205. Samsung, a manufacturer of home appliances, computers, and smartphones. Suspends deliveries of phones and chips to Russia.
  206. SAP, a software developer, closed business in Russia.
  207. Serpstat, a Ukrainian SEO company. Closed Russian accounts (no refunds), stopped cooperating with Yandex, Russian, and Belarusian Google.
  208. Siemens Energy, an energy company, stopped its operations in Russia.
  209. Shell, an oil company, left Russia. It later announced to stop buying Russian oil and gas.
  210. SKF, a bearings manufacturer, suspended deliveries to Russia.
  211. Snapchat, a messenger, banned advertising in Russia and Belarus.
  212. Sony Interactive Entertainment, a tech giant. Suspends sales of Sony PlayStation consoles in Russia, as well as suspends the PS Store.
  213. Sony Music Group, a music publisher. Leaves Russia.
  214. Sony Pictures, a film company, banned the rental of its films in Russia.
  215. Specialty Coffee Association, a coffee brewers association, prohibited Russia from participating in world coffee competitions.
  216. Spotify, an audio streaming platform, closed the Russian agency.
  217. Starbucks, a worldwide chain of coffee shops. Сlosed its shops in Russia.
  218. Staropramen, a brand of beer. The brewery stopped any export to Russia.
  219. Steam, a gaming platform, stopped paying Russian developers money, stopped accepting online payments from Russian banks.
  220. Stellantis, a multi-brand car corporation (Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, etc.). Stops the export of cars to Russia.
  221. Storytel, a platform for listening to audiobooks. Stops all projects in Russia.
  222. Strava, a social network for athletes. Stops work in Russia and Belarus.
  223. Supercell, a publisher of games, including Brawl Stars. Removed its games from appstores in Russia and Belarus. Access for existing players from these countries will be closed with the next update.
  224. Swatch, a watch brand. Stops exports to Russia.
  225. Take-Two Interactive (2K Games, Rockstar Games), an association of computer game publishers. Stops sales in Russia.
  226. Terrasoft, an outsourcer. Terminates cooperation with clients and partners from Russia and Belarus.
  227. TOEFL, an English language proficiency tests. Stopped taking tests in Russia and Belarus.
  228. Toyota, a car brand, stopped production in Russia.
  229. Traton Group (Scania, MAN Truck), an automobile company specializing in trucks. Stops production and sales in Russia.
  230. TSMC, a manufacturer of chips. Suspends cooperation with Russian partners.
  231. Twitch, a platform for conducting and watching live broadcasts. Limits payments to streamers from the Russian Federation.
  232. Ubisoft, a publisher of computer games, including Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed. Stops sales in Russia.
  233. Unilever, a multi-brand manufacturer of cosmetics and household goods, including Dove, Knorr, Ax, Rexona, Domestos, Cif, etc. Stops deliveries to Russia, but leaves on the shelves of goods produced in the country.
  234. Uniqlo, a clothing retailer. After sharp criticism, suspends activities in Russia. It will close all 50 stores in the country in a few weeks.
  235. Universal Pictures, a film company, banned the rental of its films in Russia.
  236. Upwork, a freelance exchange. Suspends business in Russia and Belarus.
  237. Valio, a Finnish dairy producer. Stops supplies to Russia, closes plant near Moscow.
  238. Veeam, an American software developer. Suspended all sales in Russia.
  239. Venice Film Festival, Venice Film Festival. It will no longer accept pictures and delegations from Russia, except those who oppose the regime.
  240. VF Company, a multi-brand company which owns The North Face, Vans, The Timberland Company, and more. Closes all Vans stores in Russia, stops deliveries of its products to Russia, does not accept Russian orders in online stores.
  241. Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie brand. Suspends work in Russia.
  242. Visa, a bank card operator, stopped issuing cards in sanctioned Russian banks.
  243. Volvo, a car brand, stopped the export of cars to Russia.
  244. Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Porche, Skoda, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati, etc.), a multi-brand automaker, stopped all deliveries to Russia.
  245. VyOS, a Spanish software developer. Refused to cooperate with Russian companies.
  246. Warner Bros., a film company, banned the rental of its films in Russia. Subsequently, the parent company WarnerMedia announced the cessation of all new business in Russia.
  247. WePlay Esports, an e-sports holding company, terminated contracts with Russian and Belarusian gamers, will not broadcast the Russian tournament Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022.
  248. Western Union, an international payment system. Suspends operations in Russia and Belarus.
  249. William Grant & Sons, a multi-branding alcohol company with Hendrick’s, Tullamore D.E.W., Glenfiddich, Grant’s, Sailor Jerry, Monkey Shoulder, and more in its portfolio. Stopped all shipments to Russia and investments in the local market.
  250. Wintershall Dea, a German oil company, suspended all projects with Russia, including Nord Stream 2.
  251. Wix, an Israeli lowcode platform for creating websites. Stopped operations in Russia.
  252. Xerox, a manufacturer of office equipment. Stops all deliveries to Russia.
  253. YouTube, a video streaming platform, ceased advertising in Russia. This step will affect the earnings of local video bloggers. The same goes for other Google services. Later, stopped all options for monetizing content.
  254. Yum! Brands (KFC, PizzaHut), the owner of fast food chains. Stops the operation of 70 KFC restaurants, is working to close the PizzaHut franchise.
  255. Zaha Hadid, an architectural firm. Stops work on Russian projects.

We use official brand resources and international media, including industry press to verify the information.