Dashboard of Russian losses in the war against Ukraine

UkrainiaUkrainians have launched a website — minusrus.com, where you can witness in real-time the current losses of Russian invaders due to their war against Ukraine. The dashboard shows the loss of Russia’s soldiers and military equipment in numbers and the percentage compared to the total Russian combat power.

The website is available in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. Approximate losses figures are given based on the Ukrainian Armed Forces assessments. The total military potential of the enemy is based on the Military Balance directory.

Who and why made this

The specialists from the creative agency Spiilka made the website. They also participated in the concept and strategy development of the Diia portal in collaboration with the IT company Brights.

“There is one thing that calms me down is looking at the daily Russian fascists’ losses in the reports of General Staff of the AFU. That’s why we collaborated with girls and guys from Brights to make this calming website, where you can watch it every moment.

As of today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already crushed 26.6% of the personnel gathered at our borders at the beginning of the war. And if to count not all 190,000, but only those participating in combat operations — there were 65,000 of them as of March 5 — the percentage will look even more pleasant. Everything will be Ukraine,” Volodymyr Smirnov, Spiilka design director, wrote.

If you want to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian people, please, follow the link below.