Help Ukrainian refugees: Job posting sites for employers

Due to Russia’s war in Ukrainian, many Ukrainians went abroad and lost their jobs. Those people are professionals in many fields. After weeks of being helpless, they can now work remotely or on-site.

AIN.Capital has collected a list of initiatives and job sites that employers can use to publish their job openings for free to hire Ukrainian specialists.

HelpUkrainians from Jooble

The Ukrainian company Jooble, which is developing a No. 2 job search platform in the world, has created a landing page with job openings for temporarily displaced persons from Ukraine.

The website provides:

  • a list of documents required for employment
  • tips for employees on how to find jobs safely
  • job opportunities for Ukrainians in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova, and Romania


UAtalents is an employment platform for Ukrainians who have been UAtalents is an employment platform for Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes and go to other cities in Ukraine or abroad. This website has been developed by Ukrainians led by entrepreneur Ivan Kurchatyi. There are already over 300 posts on the site from the project partners.

There are a lot of job propositions in most European countries, including Estonia, Poland, Germany, and others. To add the job listing, tab ‘add a job’ and fill out the form. After that, they will receive applications from talented candidates that fit the position and continue the hiring process.

It is an advertising-oriented platform for people who are searching for jobs in the EU or remotely from Ukraine.

The initiative has been developed by the SAR Marketing Communications Association and supported by many agencies in Poland and other countries. The job offers include jobs in marketing communications, both for those who speak several languages ​​and those who speak only Ukrainian.

There are a lot of offers in various fields like strategy, design, media, production, e-commerce, programming, SEM / SEO, event management, PR, and many others.

Contact the initiators to post your openings or learn any details — [email protected], or the Ukrainian representatives — the VRK team, [email protected].


The platform brings together academic, scientific, artistic, professional, and freelance opportunities abroad available to people fleeing war.

In total, the website has collected more than 1,700 vacancies, including from companies such as Skyscanner, Eurowings, Hive. Some employers also offer relocation assistance.


It is a Telegram chat-bot launched by Ukrainian entrepreneur Artur Orudzhaliiev to help those who lost jobs due to Russian aggression. Here people can find a job, and employers can post offerings in Ukraine, Europe, and the rest of the world for free.

Just subscribe to the bot and contact the administrator to make a publication.

You can also keep providing jobs on job search sites that worked before the war. Some of them are now focusing on job openings in countries that are most often chosen by the refugees.

The list will be updated.

AIN.Capital also reminds you of our verified list of resources that can be used to financially support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, refugees, and citizens affected by the war.