Leroy Merlin still works in Russia, cuts off Ukrainian office corporate communications

The retail chain store Leroy Merlin, part of the French group Adeo, has cut off its Ukrainian employees from corporate communications. That means the colleagues can’t help each other, including those who are currently in danger, can’t volunteer, or even communicate with each other, HR Leader of Leroy Merlin Ukraine, Liudmyla Dziuba, posted on her LinkedIn page.

“At one point, we lost a tool for providing humanitarian and medical aid to employees who need it so badly. We cannot fulfill the numerous requests from volunteers and defenders of Ukraine, as the access to our files has been closed,”

she writes.

According to Liudmyla, all Leroy Merlin Ukraine employees have lost contact with each other when many of them are in danger in the occupied regions under the wreckage of buildings.

She commented to Interfax Ukraine that the company promised to restore access on March 15, 2020, but as of March 16, the accounts remain blocked.

AIN.Capital notes that Leroy Merlin is one of those companies that refused to leave the Russian market due to Russia’s military aggression. Instead, the company announced plans to expand the range and supply chain.

You can help Ukrainians boycott Leroy Market stores or donate money to the Ukrainian army, volunteers, and medics here: